How to Make a girls night in less than a minute

How to get an instant date

Ever witnessed a guy in a club walk up to a girl he didn’t know and kiss her like it was nothing, it can be a shocking jaw-dropping experience. It’s like watching a fight break out. Right in front of you. But nothing compares to being the catalyst. The guy that makes a ladies night. .It may seem like it’s whimsical or out of your league – a special charm or grace that someone is born with. Man. You need to have this experience.

As I said before it may appear impossible. But it’s not. And it can be done in a couple of simple steps you can follow in order to make the same thing go down for you. In this article, I’m going to enlighten you in the process.

Ways to show affection

First of all. Don’t try this with a girl that is not interested in you. Women that are interested in men play the submissive role. They look down a lot. Especially, after you look them straight in their eyes. They occupy less space when intimate in your presence. When close it feels like a cat that is about to press itself against your leg. All warm and cozy. And the voice starts to sound more like the purring of a kitten. No lie. It’s on. Pay attention. Cause it’s going down.

Primal Magic in a bottle

I call it primal magic. And it works if you find the right girl.

Looking into her eyes, Start with the left eye that’s where the heart is.Then look at the mouth. Repeat this with your eyes. Kind of like a spoon stirring the girls face. Keep it simple. (i.e. kiss it)

This can be a lot to remember, so try and feel it a little bit.Don’t just practice it. Practice with an awareness. I wouldn’t expect you’re going to get it perfect the first time.

Try a playful frame such as

Say something like ” Are you flirting with me or what?” or “this will never work” Just keep it playful.

From here on out, you’re really just talking normal. Filling up space with words as you’re snuggling up to the warm fire your creating. Don’t worry. You’re still controlling the interaction. When you act normal. It will be normal.

What a woman wants in a man

Women are very sexual if you know the signs

If she’s glancing at your mouth and appears to be very content. Then there must be an intent. Calmly make your move and lean in, then proceed. You’ll move in very intimately and hum-speak almost directly into her ear or into her neck.

It doesn’t matter what you are saying, just make sure that she’s feeling your heat on her neck. Make it hot. Breath out a more than normal as you talk so she can feel that hot air on her neck. if she likes it she will move in. If not she will move away. If she moves away. Lean back and restart.

It’s a seduction process. You’ll See!

Speed dating tactics

Don’t wear out this tactic. Be wise enough to show some common sense. Be tactful.

The type of sense (cents) that makes dollars so you’ll get ” paid”. Sooner than latter. But when the situation is right, it’s really good to have this tool in your box. You want to make sure that you have the right kind of arsenals for the job, so to speak. You shoot straight when you aim straight. Squeeze the trigger. Don’t pull the trigger.

Whenever you see a girl who’s in that state and ready to be seduced, It’s go time. Like shooting fish in a barrel. If you beat around the bush, engage in stupid nonsense talk or generally waste your dimes on feeding dames alcohol., She’ll get turned off. And, like a mouse when the lights come on. Take your cheese and run back into her hole. (women are not animals-this is a primal illustration). You just lost a sweet pay day play date..

Instead, when you see this, you want to be able to spot her and move in. Because that’s what she wants. Give it to her. Give it too her good. Immediately. This is the block buster. The difference between movie stars at walking up and seducing a woman… and guys who just wish and occupy space. Women want to be seduced. Are you up for the challenge?.

So you meet someone in a Bar or Night club and you have been talking for 10 minutes. What should you do next?

  • Begin the seduction process
  • Talk all night and see where it goes